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  Benefits of posting your resume on SoaringCareer.com

Since we are focused on healthcare & pharmaceutical careers, your resume will be found more easily by top employers in the industry.

Posting your resume on SoaringCareer.com is a very quick and simple.

You would take control of your own career and save your time by having employers come to you with their opportunities.

Ability to post multiple versions of your resume, and test which one is the most effective.

You can make your resume(s) searchable so recruiters can easily find you, or post a resume to use only for the perfect job when it becomes available.


  How it works

To post your resume for free on SoaringCareer.com first click on the link to register confidentially, and then simply follow this link to upload your resume.


  Other career resources

SoaringCareer.com provides information for career development and the ability to network with other professionals in healthcare, biotech, and pharmaceuticals.

Here is a
free online video about writing an effective resume.

Please take a moment to visit our
Career Resources Center; explore career events and continuing education courses, review interview tips, career development information and career advice to increase your success, view salary negotiation tips, get explanations of the various components of employee compensation, use the online salary calculator, join the salary forum about current employee compensation offered in the market, research information on professional licensure in each state in the U.S.A.

SoaringMe.com is our social networking site just for professionals in healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and biotech, giving members the opportunity to network, ask questions, or exchange ideas.

Visit our
Job Alert Agent page to explore another tool to take control of your career.


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